Monday, November 2, 2009

Church Bus Trip!

Yesterday was the delightful church bus trip. We sang the Sound of Music, danced the Chicken dance (and the bunny hop) discussed the meaning of life as it relates to toenails, listened to a beautiful sermon, worshipped, fellow-shipped, played soccer, and altogether had a jolly time.

My entire family succeeded (like we always do) in getting absolutely no photographs. We are quite adept at always forgetting the camera. However, there was an abundance of cameras on the bus. The count ended somewhere around 10. I took unwilling part in multiple camera wars. Here's some proof (blurry, because they're taken from a video camera) that I won a couple battles. All of these persons at some point or another participated. I missed the last five people. And I didn't get a picture of Problematic(See bloglist in sidebar). =P

I got some videos with my Flip, Audie. Sort of. They're rather... unprofessional. Of course, all my videos are, but these ones are particularly incoherent...

Peach dropped her candy on the floor and was forced to blow the germs off. Hence the picture.


Keilah said...

Any more videos for the people who couldn't go?!

Love you!!!

The Reluctant Dragon said...

Erm. Yeahhh.

They are as follows:

one of me eating an apple.

one of peach blowing her chocolate.

one of peach and bracie making weird noises at B

one of K doing the chicken dance.

one of Jairus "selling" cashews

They're all horrible. =D

Peach said...

post 'em anyway, Ophe!!! it's not a reflection of you videography skills, simply of the fact that we were on a moving bus, with no seatbelts, barrelling down the highway having way too much fun for our own good!---P

Jare and Lib said...

Well I want to see,
One of you eating an apple.
One of Peach blowing her chocolate.
One of Peach and Bracie making weird noises at B
One of K doing the chicken dance.
And one of Jairus "selling" cashews(this one the most!!!!)

So I want to see and hear everything about it!!!!!

(sorry about all the !!!'s, I just feel like yelling, just ask Pickle and Ben!)


Keilah said...

Oh... Come ON! I wasn't able to go and I want to see everyone!


*puppy dog eyes*