Monday, November 23, 2009


I AM LISTENING TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just had to let y'all know. Usually, we wait until atfter Thanksgiving, but I couldn't resist. =D

Interesting question:

Do you think that Thanksgiving will slowly become forgotton because it's not a very marketable holiday?


Keilah said...

Funny- I am too! I couldn't sleep last night so I turned on the radio to find christmas music playing! How FUN.

I do hope that Thanksgiving is not ever forgotten. Interesting idea though.


Haley Kovach said...

I don't think Thanksgiving will be forgotten any time soon. But, I don't know, maybe in several hundred years... or even in a hundred.

Marian said...

I doubt it; not with all the food that is sold... ;)

Hannah said...

YES!!! I started listening to Christmas music mid-October. :P

hhmm...I would imagine that it very well could, in a couple 100 years or so. But I'm sure that there will always be some people who celebrate it, however small the number.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible idea... scary. It might be true.

Handy tip: Enya's Christmas music is a good way to sneak in some spirit around the whole year. My dad's pretty ani-Christmas music so I just put it in my iPod, LOL.

Anonymous said...

lol. Forget a holiday where you get to pig out disgustingly without remorse? I DON'T THINK SO!!! I don't expect this holiday to go away any time soon. :)

ps: I gave into the temptation of Christmas music two days ago. I'm right there with you. XD

Anonymous said...

AUGH! Lucky you!!
i have ot wait till THanksgiving!!
Though I've cheated and listened to the POlar Express soundtrack and Jingle Jams a few times... XD

The Escapist said...

haha, my sisters started playing Christmas music way back in JUNE.
And must concur with the crowd, I highly doubt that a holiday that sells the vast majority of the yearly quota of turkeys will ever be forgotten...