Friday, October 17, 2008

My fear...

This picture is of me trying to dodge the camera. I dislike getting my picture taken, except when I'm taking silly goofball pictures. Ask my mother; she will confirm this. She is always saying, "Ophelia, come and get your picture taken! What if you die tomorrow? How will we remember you?"Our digital camera has all these pictures of, say, my arm, or my ponytail because I duck to escape the lens. This video was filmed by Giles:

These are pictures of a photo contest. Competition takes place between two people, in this case, first Paul and me, and then my mother and me. It is incredibly important that both parties are highly paranoid of "the lens" You run around snapping pictures, and in the end, whoever has the most complete picture of the other wins. I won the first contest, and my mother won the second.
Here's my mother trying to take a picture of me and trying to block me from taking a picture of her. The game is most fun if there are things to hide behind and trip over.


Gabby said...

Oh Ophelia you are so funny. I no how much you hate "The Lense".

Libby said...

that game sounds like a lot of fun