Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Grand Adventure...

So, I was innocently sitting in my ugly orange chair today, and as I was blogging...

Wait, That's too nerdy.

...and while I was eating an apple...

Wait, that makes me sound like a pig.
...and while I was reading an engrossing Soup book...

Wait, that makes me look like an idiot.
No, I was reading Don Quixote like I was supposed to, when

Predictably, my attention wandered, and I caught sight of my dear turtle P.T.(short for Pastor Tom) in his newly revamped tank. I got out the camera, and I was taking some pictures,

When I realized that there was something in the tank! I stared at the form in the water, and then I inhaled sharply. Was it my imagination, or could it be...
... a bottle? I stood, intranced, and then I took a closer look.
It was a bottle, and not merely that, it was a bottle with a message in it! This was beginning to smell like an adventure. I began to dream of a map that would lead to abundant treasure, or perhaps an tragic plea for help. I grabbed the bottle, despite the horrible risk of catching salmonella. (No offense, P.T.)
I reached in the tank, grasped the bottle, and pulled it up into the light.
After much difficulty with the cork, I managed to get it unplugged.
Inside was a paper, perhaps vellum. What could it say? There was no other way to find out than to take it out and read it.
After vigorous shaking and much difficulty, I finally managed to get the old, yellowed paper out.

I held the treasure map, or whatever it was in my hand. My face lit up with triumph and anticipation. Perhaps I would be the next Ben Gates on National Treasure or something. I carefully unrolled the paper, as though it was sacred,
... only to discover it was an advertisement for... EGGS! *To discover how I felt about having my adventure dashed to pieces, see the next two pictures.*

And, thus, the paper was removed from the bottle, and placed where it belongs. THE END


Libby said...


That is sooooo great!!!!!!

Sunny Skies said...

That was awesome... You had me at the edge of my seat ;)

Keilah said...



You are great.

Bekah said...

*Laughs* HILARIOUS!!!!! :D


Hannah said...

Ha! That was funny! :D