Monday, February 16, 2009

Poetic Attempts

Some people; they play hard to get.
I'm playing hard to want,
And ain't nobody got me yet,
That is my challenge taunt.

I'll grow myself a uni-brow,
And pack some extra pounds.
I'll never cut my toenails now.
I'll always make disgusting sounds.

Perhaps I'll never brush my teeth,
Or use deodorant.
My hair will poof; a fuzzy wreath.
Yes, I'm playing hard to want.


Anonymous said...

It's almost impossible to hide natural beauty, girl. I do , however, think that you've hidden your poetic talents for much too long!

Anonymous said...

PS- just so's you know, this made me laugh out loud in bed! Everyone else was asleep, before!

Your Mother said...

I see the Shel Silverstein muse has hit, my dear. I agree with Peach: your natural beauty just won't be dimmed! And I smell your morning breath....

Your Mother

Anonymous said...

Love your poem Soph. In fact, I LOVE all your writing. You are one of the funniest writers I know!!!! Keep it up girl.

Aunt Monika

Danzibar said...

haha! I like this one... ;)
Sometimes when we try so hard to impress others we forget ourselves in the mess. I'd much rather you be yourself than what you think I want you to be. :)

P.S. I sympathize with not using deodorant...people smells don't really bother me...

The Reluctant Dragon said...

I hope you can all tell that this is a joke...

Personal hygene is not something I may write a silly poem about, but it is a matter of importance to moi. =D

It is just a poem.=D

Kiki said...

Cool I love it!

Cassie said...

What a clever poem! You made me laugh!

Wonderfully done!

P.S. Thanks for the follow! :D

Anonymous said...

you're talented when it comes to poetry... as opposed to myself...