Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I hate shoes. I never wear them if I can help it. Bracie and Libby are also staunch supporters of barefeet. I go barefoot until Welfare calls mom, (usually around Feb.) and then I figure it's time to put something on my feet. =D The natural state of barefeet is good for the soul, and besides, you toes look weird if you wear shoes all your life.
Everybody else who hates shoes and loves barefeet raise your hand (comment!). I think I'll start a club and call it, "The Barefeet Club." I would say, "The Barefoot Club," but "barefeet" has a more musical, harmonious ring to it. Applications for membership are now open. I think I'll make a little picture gadget for my side bar that you can copy or something if you'd like to join.

Barefeet Rule!

P.S. As a depressing side note, we might as well go barefoot, because 98.7% of America's shoes are imported.


Anonymous said...

Raising my hand! I love going barefoot too!


Gabby said...

Im going barefoot!! You cant keep shoes on me.

Karen said...

There are us practically-middle-aged folks that would join the club, too...

~Mrs. E...who's still wearing sandals, even in the frost

Immortal as ever said...

Me 2!
I walked a mile (or so) once with no shoes on.
not even on the beach! In the town, on tarmac, (narrowly avoiding standing on dead toad, did i mention it was a road) in the rain even and it was on the same walk (blimey) lets just say my feet hurt, a lot

Hanne said...

Where are the applications?
And where do we meet?

P.S. I hate being formal

Hannah said...

I'm going barefeet!!! LOL, Lib let me. ^_^