Monday, November 30, 2009

Today is the end.

NonNaNo: Lately, I've been feeling so lost and alone. My soul is woeful
NaNo: [Mutters] Absolutely clackety-click. Forty-seven thousand, three hundred sixty three.
NonNaNo: My heart is so heavy! It seems as though I have no where to turn. Except for you. We haven't talked much this past month, and I miss our heart to heart conversations.
NaNo: Absolutely. [feverishly] Forty-seven thousand, three hundred seventy two.
NonNaNo: They improve my outlook so much! So, what's your advice for me?
NaNo: Absolutely. Without a doubt.
NonNaNo: Are you even listening to me? Life is so empty! No one cares about me.
NaNo: [in a preoccupied manner] Absolutely.
NonNaNo: Uhg! The anguish! What shall I do?
NaNo: If you were an elf being chased by a Minotaur, and you were about to fall off a cliff, what would you do? I need help. I'm stuck in my story? What shall I do? I have four thousand words to write. Help!
NonNaNo: [draws up from the floor on which she had been sobbing] Absolutely.

Today is the day. Today is the time. Today is the day that all you poor NaNoWriMo ers desparately scramble to scratch out those last three thousand words. We NonNaNoers, let us take a universal moment of silence to pity those souls.

Perhaps not, let's rejoice! Family of NaNo ers, let's unanimously throw metaphysical hats in the air. Huzzah! After today, our siblings/relatives will return to us! Gone will be the days of lonely contemplation as my beloved sister types and clacks away at the old keyboard.

Tomorrow we celebrate the return of the authors!


Cassie said...

Ophelia- Your creative post made me laugh! Right after NaNo started, my dad asked me, "Cass, will I have my daughter back in December?"
It was a crazy month and I know what you mean by the 'return of the authors' =D

Mary said...

Your blog is fun. Good luck with finishing NaNo - I'm impressed with anyone who can write that many words in a month. Thank you for becoming a follower.

Problematic said...

You know, I'm twenty thousand words behind, and I'm not even going to try now. I'd have to write four thousand words an hour to finish, and I've got debate, etc. tonight. Next year, NaNo, I shall commit. *sighs in resignation*