Monday, September 29, 2008

Experimental Photography...

If you will remember, question #3 was, "Will I have to carry a camera around?" I was wary of this, because I have several friends who always take beautiful pictures. I don't know how they do this, but I do know that my pictures wouldn't compare.
And I answered myself with, "Oh I'll just filch some off of my friends, who are excellent photographers."
But... I tried it! (insert round of applause) Yes me, I actually walked around with a camera for almost a whole day taking pictures, and I am, I'll admit, slightly pleased with the results. I still know, they don't compare, but I'm satisfied.

These ones are of me, pretending that I'm stuck inside of a mirror. Later, if I feel like it, I'll post some more pictures, but at this moment in my existence, I think I am better at making movies.

Lead actress: Bracie

Camera crew: Ophelia (me!)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Aunt Olga and Uncle Boris

A Tribute to Uncle Boris and Aunt Olga:
We all love learning about our heritage, and yesterday, I discovered the existence of my Aunt Olga and Uncle Boris, who lived almost 100 years ago. I'll never know what happened to them; they disappeared when Boris was 11 and Olga 9, after leaving a note saying that they were running away to join the circus. We only have one photograph, in which Boris stands tall in his sailor suit at the side of his sister, who is clutching a hoop. They are both serious and earnest for children. It nearly brings me to tears to think about their unknown fate.

Isn't that fascinating?

Isn't it wonderful that my family has such a unique history?

There's only one problem; it isn't true. The kids in the picture are Czar Nicholas and his little sister. I don't really have an Uncle Boris or an Aunt Olga. I don't even have a drop of Russian heritage. *sniff* I wish. What happened was, my dad's Cousin Will sent me a letter, asking me to go to youtube and look up Yehudi Menuhin Plays Brahms Hungarian Dance no. 5, (which really is impressive,) while reading the story he wrote about our Dear Uncle Boris and Sweet Aunt Olga. Cousin Will is a wonderful story teller.

My little brother Giles...

This video is an introduction to my dear little brother Giles:

The awesome sound effects are Bracie, who filmed the video.

Here is the exclusive interview:

Me: What do you think of your sister's blogging?

Giles: She doesn't call me by my real name.

Me: Tell us something about yourself:

Giles: I think the video is kind of embarressing. I wish she wouldn't put it on here.

Me: Anything else?

Giles: I like robotics.

Me: Thank you so much for joining me for this interview.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Worship Practice

Today is Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday. We are playing for worship, and my sister Bracie and I came up with the set, (the songs we will play,) this morning. Ever since, we have been practicing up a storm. I have a blister on both my thumbs. :-( Daddy let us pick out all the songs. Traditionally, in our house, worship practice, with Bracie strumming away and me hammering on the piano is accompanied by screaming babies, and wild thumping and banging. The piano and like as not the guitar/s, are out of tune, and two tamborines shatter the air with metallic unpresicion. However, with each passing worship set, we improve. We are still working on making our house peaceful during practices.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Check out this unbelievable for sale flyer!

Several days ago, my mother was driving by a house for sale, and she stopped and grabbed a flyer. She didn't notice anything unusual about it until she started to read it in detail. It reads as follows,

Summit of Brilliance!

Exceptionally Beautiful!

Welcome to Cornerstone estates!

Paramount amoung it's peers there is no comparisons! Offering such finishes as Tarrazo, Marble, Wood floors, Alder doors, Granite, Wainscoting, an abundance of Crown molding, Viking appliances, 3 Propane fireplaces, Indoor sprinklers, surround sound, state of the art alarm/intercom system, all put together for extreme elegance! THe Ornate buyer still has time to pick finishes to their tasting. Enjoy 3.42 acres of serenity and delicate traceries of nature.





Offered at $1, 625, 000

  • 4837 sq. feet.

  • 5bedrooms - 7 bath

  • 3 car garage

  • Gated entry with chic waterfall to greet your guests

  • Gourmet kitchen w/ viking appliances

  • Alder cabinets

  • Granite countertops, kitchen bar

  • Beautiful wood floors

  • Upstairs deck

  • Master suite

  • 5 piece master bath with panache offering a soaking tub and tiled walk in shower

  • Private cedar deck backing to private greeneryPropane fireplaces with thermostats

Svelte Estate? Delicate traceries of nature? The Ornate buyer? There is no comparisons?

How could they let all those mistakes slip? And those I listed above are only a few of the flyer's faults. No wonder the housing market is failing.

Horror of horrors... HTML!


I was pondering my new blog, when suddenly it hit me, question #5, a question terrifying to a novice blogger like myself; must I enter the world of HTML? I should hope not. It is my firm belief that html stands for Horribly Tricky Mechanical Language. What if I should have to fill pages up with little bracket <<<<>>> things that look like monsters eating each other, and slashes//////\\\\\\\ that must be a terrible secret code? I'm not quite sure I could do that. We can only hope that it won't come to that.

Me, as a Blogger...

I suppose I should say something like, "Yah!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a new blog! But that sort of thing always annoys me. Instead, I'll write as follows...I have now entered the time-consuming and possibly boring world of blogging. I'm still not quite sure what possessed me to start this. Perhaps it was my vanity that said, "Start a blog, people will listen to what you say, and hang on every word you type." Maybe it was my ambition, puffing me up with glorious dreams of having 14 bazillion readers.
In any case, I am not sure who will read my blog. But then again, who reads blogs? That is question #1.
How will anyone find my blog? This is query #2
And finally, will I have to tote around a camera, gathering illustrations for my blog, making me a slave to the World Wide Web? I have several friends who are excellent photographers, and I simply won't compare. Plus, no one in our family know the precise location of the camera anyway. I'll bet I can just filch some pictures off of my wonderful friends. That about answers #3
Fourth, why does the rest of the world love watermelon?