Monday, October 13, 2008

The second meeting of The Reluctant Dragon Fan Club

Once again, Ophelia stands upon the stage, bright lights shining around her. This time, however, she has a smile to match; she can see staunch supporters of the Reluctant Dragon Fan Club, and others as well.

"They, I suppose, are only here for a smile," Ophelia thinks, a little ruefully, "But hey, it's better than a hobo and a pop machine.[See The Reluctant Dragon Fan Club #1] Anyway, isn't that why I blog? To make people smile?"

Ophelia waves, and blows kisses at the rows where she can see her friends. Then, a hush falls over the crowd. Ophelia clears her throat.

"Welcome to the second meeting of the Reluctant Dragon Fan Club!" Ophelia smiles, and looks gratified as applause fills the auditorium. "I'm sure you all know me, I'm Ophelia, the creator of the Reluctant Dragon Blog. I going to talk about why I blog."

Having said this, she opens her binder, and stares at it, for one minute, then two, then three. Bracie, peers anxiously at her sister, wondering what is wrong.

"Where are my notes???"

Those four little words, all which have only one syllable, mind you, run through Ophelia's head like a broken record. Five minutes go by, and the crowd begins to murmur. All of the sudden, Ophelia snaps out of her frozen position. A frenzy takes hold of her, and using her teeth, she rips the unfortunate binder in two. Giving a yell that would make Tarzan proud, she hucks the pieces far, far into the crowd.

"WHO STOLE MY NOTES?" she hollers, her face distorted with anger.

One flys off to the right, striking an unsuspecting bystander, whom Ophelia recognizes as the tramp who was present at the last meeting. The other soared way out in the back, not stopping until it it collided with a pop machine. People take this rather well, and aren't disappointed at the lack of a fan club meeting. Instead, they take the catastrophic events as an invitation for a fight. People begin throwing shoes, purses, anything they can get their hands on, at each other. Shouts echo through the auditorium.







On the stage, Ophelia, still crazed, collapsed on the floor, reflects on the pandemonium she has created. She laughs evilly. She sobs, and realizes that this is the worst day of her life. She resolves never to have a meeting of the Reluctant Dragon Fan Club again.

In the crowd, in the midst of the chaos, the tramp stops, and grabs the broken piece of binder. He quickly hops a ride to the nearest library and lists it on ebay. It sells for $2885.23. It is the turning point of his life. He buys new clothes, gets a job as a fry cook, and eventually goes on to become the CEO of McDonald's. He marries the daughter of a millionaire and has seven strapping sons. He lives happily ever after.

But what happened to the notes? Who has them? Why did they take them?


Keilah said...

Oh Soph,
You're not that bad!!

Gabby said...

Your so funny! Oh and by the way i was the one who stole your notes. I cant believe it took you till now to notice! It`s been over a month. =-D

Gabby said...

Oh and one more thing i didn`t know the tramp worked for me :)

Anna said...

Dearest darling 14 year old Sophia,
Have I missed something or was that storie supposed to be that confusing? I apparantly do not get this whole blog thing, you will have to show you when I come for your birthday. I will be lucky if I can manage to post this stupid comment so you can see it. ja ja! ("ha ha" in Spanish)
yours ever, Anna

The Reluctant Dragon said...

Anna, I think you need to read the first Reluctant Dragon fan club post. It might make more sense then, But I kind of doubt it. =D It is really random.