Monday, October 6, 2008

Dadism #1

This is the first of the new and absolutely entrancing series called, "Quotes from my dad. " Yes, I know that these expressions and phrases are not exclusive to my beloved parent, but for most part, I've only heard them from him.

Today's featured phrase is (drum roll please...)

"Don't quit your day job."

This remark is usually said after a performance of some kind. The most common performance around our insane asylum, excuse me, I meant house involves funky dance moves, and/or wacky and off-key karaoke. Dad says, "Nice, kids, but don't quit your day job."

I find myself using our featured expression about this blog, because I'm not making $40,000 a month like whatever that lady's name is. If I was, I'd certainly quit my day job, which happens to be the dull and monotonous vocatiaon of Alpaca Pasture maintanence. If you are not quite sure what this means, let me un-elaborate. I means I scoop poop. Alpacas are fuzzy little animals sort of like minature lamas. See Amy's Blog. I say "Alpaca Pasture Maintainer" when people ask what I do because it sounds a bunch better than, "Poop Scooper" Oh well. I wish I could quit my day job.


Keilah said...

HA HA HA!!! LOL! I can totally see your dad saying that!!


Keilah said...

Hey... I LOVE your new profile picture! :cD