Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Pet Meme
What is the first pet you remember? The very first pet... A goldfish. I know I know, that's incredibly boring, but hey, I was probably 3 or 4. I remember most distinctly when he died. Dad asked if I wanted to flush it down the toilet to bury it, or if I wanted to bury in the back yard. I, of course, chose to bury it in the back yard. Where is the honor in flushing it down the toilet?

How many different kinds of pets have you owned? Okay, I'll start with fish; a goldfish named Goldfish, two betas named Ruby and Sapphire, and two catfish, one called Old Man Low, the other Pedro. Giles had a big, black and orange fish who's name I cannot remember. We also have one turtle, named P.T. for Pastor Tom. We have had various frogs and snakes for several days, only to be released soon after. And we used to have 10 chickens, but now we have 6. Their names are (if I can remember all of them...) Nefertiti,(sp?), Boaz, Ruth, Ribbon, Shifrah, Puah, Hadassah, Hapshetsut,(sp? who knows how to spell these Egyption names? Aaaah!) and two that didn't have names. We also had two guinea pigs, mine called Brownie, Bracie's called Poppyseed.We have had 11 cats, including kittens that we gave away, and our two current felines, Lottie and Rosemary. Our "big" pets are our large, odiforous dogs, Sargeant and Kipper, and our two horses, Maximus and Chess.

What was your strangest pet? None of our pets are that strange. Am I missing out on something? Wait, I just remembered; we had sea monkeys. Now, on the box of the sea monkeys container, they have this little cartoon, with a nice little family:

When they finally hatch, or whatever it is that sea monkeys do, they look like this:
You "train" them, as the box so proudly proclaims, by shining a flashlight in the tank, and they swim after it. Huh.

What is your dream pet? A Black Akhal Teke. All the way. Akhal Tekes are the loveliest horses immaginable.

What is your nightmare pet? Turkeys. I positively cannot stand them. Don't try to tell me they are misunderstood; they are EVIL!

Tell your best/funniest pet story. I have to think about that one...

Tell your worst/saddest pet story. A pet's death hits me really hard. It is always tragic when one dies.

Did you ever have a scary animal experience? Well, once I got flung off my horse when he was spooked by a deer. Then I caught him, and another deer came, and he pushed me into the nettles. :-P
What was your favorite pet? What multiple pet owner can possibly pick favorites?
What did you really want to tell us about your pets that didn’t fit in the other questions?I just make the questions fit if I want them to! :-D
The tags: I tag
1. Ashley
2. Ana
3. I don't know many other people with blogs! If you visit this site, and your name isn't here, consider yourself tagged. (Evil Laugh!)

The rules. Don’t worry. They’re easy.
Copy the questions to your blog. Answer them. This is the fun part.
Tag as many people as the legs on your leggiest pet.


Colleen said...

You are too funny! I just found your blog; I love it!
Anywho, I think I'll do this. It sounds fun and I need to post something. X-D