Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My super-duper awesome new Flip

Yesterday, for my birthday, I received a Flip video camera of my own, from my dearly beloved parents. I used to use Gile's, but it was very inconvenient. Now I have a super awesome one of my own! I know you really don't want to see these pictures, but I am going to "play the birthday card," and make you scroll down.
The Flip company should pay me to do this.
Believe it or not, I actually wasted time taking pictures of my beloved gadget.

This is, believe it or not, me, wearing the stylish birthday hat.
Anywho, believe it or not, this post actually has a purpose. We shall come to it presently, after I tell the story behind the purpose. Well, Kei, in the presence of several witnesses, called to her mother, "Have you seen my camera?" But, to the ears of the very wise, (and beautiful,) witnesses, it sounded distinctly like, "Have you seen my Kendra?" Since then, Kei's camera, whether she likes it or not :-D, has been dubbed, "Kendra."
I was thinking this over, and I suddenly thought, "Surely, should not MY video camera aspire to have the great honor of having a illustrious name?" Okay, so maybe it wasn't phrased exactly like that, but the moral of the story is that my Flip needs a name. So, here's what I propose; YOU, my gentle readers, comment with all of your wonderful suggestions, and then, I will put them on a poll! It will be jolly. But I get a veto. >:-)


Sunny Skies said...

I think you should name her/him "Click" or perhaps "Belinda"... Oh, I dunno, what do you name an electronic? (Pulls out her "Alpaca Names" list) Ah ha! "Lady Luck"!

Gabby said...

hmmmm. I think you should name her Kate ;) But if you dont like that try Irish.

Keilah said...

I think you should name HIM Flip!! :cD

I want to see some of Flip's work! Post a video soon!

And BTW, I do not appreciate you blogging about Kendra (LOL). I would much rather prefer if you waited until I have my own camera to name it! Sigh, I do so want my own professional camera!!

You make me laugh!!

Post a video soon!!

Bracie said...

Bracie speaking! I really need to make myself a profile so I can comment more often...

I think... Phillippa! Then you can call her "Pip" "Pippa" or just, as kei says "flip"

Dad says "Billy Bob"

Libby said...

Jar thinks Fred is a good name for anything.

And I think you should name it after a favorite author or your hero(and then shorten it).