Thursday, October 16, 2008

I hate Algebra!

Bracie and I both hate math. Here are two videos, which were taken on two separate days.

Ophelia hates Algebra

Bracie hates Algebra

Ophelia: "Aaaaaaagh!!! Bracie, I don't understand this equation! Help. How do I set it up? What should I do?"

Bracie: "Follow your heart!"


Keilah said...

Oh Bracie!! You kill me!!

Bracie said...

In the Ophelia video... I love Dad telling me to do my math in the background while I was filming! You know what I was supposed to be doing!

Gabby said...

Oh I no how you guys feal.And i dident no bracie got bracies!! no one told me. I get so left out up here!!