Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Reluctant Dragon Fan Club

Bright lights flood the stage, the only spot of light in the huge auditorium. Ophelia, standing forlornly behind the podium, clears her throat, squints, and peers nervously out at the rows and rows of seats, scanning them for any human being. Her eye rests upon two, the first being her dear sister Bracie, in the first row, cheering her on complete with a foam finger that has "The Reluctant Dragon!!!" scribbled on it with a black marker. The second, she at first took to be a bundle of rags, but then realized it was a tramp who had fallen asleep in the seats.
Ophelia croaks, coughs and begins to speak:
"Welcome to the first meeting of The Reluctant Dragon Fan club! I am Ophelia, the writer of, you know... the blog thing."
The tramp grunts, rolls over and starts snoring.
"It's... There's not a very large, um turn out today, but it's only the first meeting, right? Right? Oh look! I think I see someone in the back! Come forward. We have plenty of seats in the front."
Ophelia grins and waves excitedly and wildly. Nothing happens. Ophelia whips out a pair of binoculars, and then slowly lets them down. They clunk on the stage and echo through the empty auditorium.
"It was a pop machine. Hee Hee! I thought a pop machine was a person. Ha Ha Ha Ha!"
Ophelia starts laughing hysterically. Bracie looks worried, and drags her off the stage. The first meeting of The Reluctant Dragon Blog Fan Club is adjourned.


Karen said...

You know what? I want to be like you when I grow up! You are something ELSE!

Mrs. E

Anonymous said...

I'll come to the next meeting.
Sorry I missed it, I was taking my 76T9AO56 airplane out for a spin.


Keilah said...

Ohhh... Poor you! I would have been there if I had been invited. :cD

You make me laugh!!

The Reluctant Dragon said...

Well, here is the official invitation: you are all invited to the next meeting, if I ever get over my embaressment and have another one.

Ashley said...

I applaud you from my seat at the computer:-D
(why didn't you tell me you have a blog!?)