Monday, October 5, 2009


Remember the last baby shower I went to?

On Saturday, I attended another. And I won a game guessing how many diapers the lady whom the shower was honoring had changed in all her years as a mother. My guess was 17,o13 or something like that because seventeen happens to be a number of awesomeness. Her approximate answer was 14, 125.
Another of the games, (Mrs. E, you are a genuis) involved mushing a banana and feeding it to your team mate with one hand. I had a lot of fun watching Bracie gag on mushy fruit. HEHE!

Kei! I think you should post pictures of that.

At every baby shower I've ever been to, I have won a shower game. I'd be proud of that, but I am not quite certain it is something to be proud of.