Thursday, October 22, 2009

I let my mind wander...

And it never came back.
I think I's is gettin' progressively dumber. The other day, I spent a half and hour just throwing small pine cones at the road from 100 feet in the air. (I was up in a tree)

Just today, I put my shoe on th wrong foot.

When I put a jar of OLIVES! back in the fridge, I absentmindedly set the container on top of the milk carton. ??? They, of course didn't like being set atop the shaky milk carton and hurtled toward the ground.

Where is my brain?
On the way to my speech club, there is a huge billboard with a picture of a girl holding a green laptop. As we drove by it in the pouring rain, I thought to myself:
"She ought to come out of the rain, or she'll ruin her laptop. Precipitation isn't good for electronics." Is that incredibly stupid or what? For goodness sakes, it was a big, gigantic BILLBOARD!

But at the same time, I think my reflexes are getting better. While throwing pinecones, I managed to get one in the back of a truck and one on the back seat of a convertable. From a hundred feet up in a tree! It was a moment of awesomeness that I didn't even know I had in me.
Now, when I fall out of trees, I usually land on my feet!
And after I put the wrong shoe on, I managed to tie a bow in under twenty seconds with only one hand! I'm proud. Okay, so maybe I'm not that proud.

Seriously, I CAUGHT the olives! There was no big mess of shattered glass for me to clean. Like lightenting, my lithe wrist shot out and snatch the olives from their impending doom.
(Can wrists be lithe?)
Of course, the billboard thing was just dumb. No getting around it.
So I don't feel too bad about growing progressively dumber if I can manage to have awesome reflexes.

Wait, what does "progressively" mean again?


Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! My brother is absolutely crazy for Calvin and Hobbes and quotes it all the time. I can, um, totally see the influence on your blog! :D LOL I love your Scottish dirks!

Beth Niquette said...

It's called temporary memory lapse due to stress!!!

It is when the brain becomes so overloaded with what is coming in, that it sets aside some things as not worthy of remembrance.

Hmmm....let's hope the subconscious is wise in what it chooses to disregard!

Interesting observations. (grin)