Wednesday, October 28, 2009

They just might take over the world.

You know what are really, really, weird?


They seriously creep me out. What are they exactly??? Some kind of strange mutant monkey with bows? Dahhhhhh!
Watch this and tell me what you think. Personally, I believe they are plotting to take over the planet, nevermind the cuddly exterior.


Equus Delirus said...

Monchichi Monchichi Monchichi SING IT WITH ME it's the new badger song. Note to self, and anybody who will listen. Cheek bedroom for Monchichis. ;)

Jare and Lib said...

Ya know?
I am sort of creeped out.

Maybe its the way they have them walk. (?)

"Ummm..." says Roo "that is not really cool. They look weird."

"Monchihichi dolls!?" Eej says "I don't yike that name, why not monkey dolls?"

There are the views of the children. =)

Good seeing you today and you left your bag here.

√čarwen said...

Ooh, you don't like Monchichis?
My sisters Maralie and Melanie grew up with them!
(I didn't know they existed until like a year ago).
I don't like them either.

MoonShaw said...

Well, I think they're kinda cute!! ;P
Oh, and I really, REALLY like your profile pic!! You and your sis are sooo beautiful!

jane said...

Thanks for the comment! Regina Spekter is one of my favorite women in this world and I frolic around singing her music all the time.
Happy Fall!

Saerwen said...

I wish I could see it computer dosm't allow it. =D Anyway. I really like your blog!! I got here from from =D

Saerwen said...
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Calico Zak said...

Is that the old version of Barbies or Bratz, or those thing with the weird pink hair?

Those things are WEIRD!
Maybe those were made right after Grimlins.

~Calico Zak