Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For my fellow authors...

I rarely meet any fellow aspiring authors who aren't interested in the work of other authors who have much in common with them. Exploring various blogs, I have come across many persons who desire to write, and I thought I would post this link:

Click on the link and it will lead you to a page that has a bunch on novels written by teenagers. I read the winning entry and I quite enjoyed it. Plus, seeing the completed works of other teens was encouraging.


Jare and Lib said...

Yes that is very encouraging.

Beth Niquette said... are so right, or is it "write?" Sorry--I just couldn't resist. My Mom is a published Author. You can find her blog on the sidebar of my blog. It is called "Everybody Loves a Story."

She teaches writing and is a fascinating person--now that I'm an old woman, I have come to greatly admire my darling Mums. She's amazing.

Lady Nai said...


Okay, done.

*I* wrote the Robin Hood. *nods sagely*

(Okay, more of, Marian Hood or something, but whatever...Robin still RULES.)

And I couldn't have done it without OYAN. *chants OYAN repeatedly*

You can do it too, by the way!

~Nai the OYAN-stranger-who-for-some-reason-linked-over-to-your-blog-from-your-sisters-and-is-OYAN-and-Robin-Hood-crazy-and-no-I'm-perfectly-normal!