Monday, August 17, 2009

The Reluctant Dragon:

Has anyone who reads this blog actually seen the cartoon?

As of late, we have been attempting to clean out our disastrously messy attic. Only instead of cleaning the attic, it seems like we are simply making the rest of the house cluttered. Our furnace room, the small closet-ish room in which the ladder to the attic stands, is shoulder high with garbage bags filled with JUNK! So, to get up, we swing from a lip on the inside of the door way. It is quite a feat of athleticism. I am very proud of myself. =D
These past few days, I have been making crucial decisions, like "Do we really need to keep the stuffed animal Pooh Bear I played with when I was six?" and "Must we keep three different copies of The Secret Garden?"
The worst part about cleaning up there is that I cannot stand up straight. My back hurts and I feel like I am 80 instead of 14. And there's always the chance that I could fall through the ceiling. Ah Well. I suppose I might survive. Maybe.


Hannah said...

Sounds like fun. You can be archeologists of junk. =P LOL, just kidding...

My room is super messy. I gotta clean it out soon.


Ashley said...

No, I haven't ever seen the cartoon.

Jare and Lib said...

I haven't seen the cartoon, but I have read the book.

Junk and clutter...I hate them...yet my space is full of it.
Ironic huh?


Anonymous said...

oh, i hate cleaning things out... i'm so sentimental! i can never bring myself to throw those sorts of things away... but i keep them out of my room. which is why my closet is a wreck, even when I spend a day and a half cleaning it (which I have)...

Anonymous said...

Ah, well, I usually enjoy throwing things away, as long as they're only useless papers. I wouldn't throw away a teddy bear, for sure, let alone a Winnie the Pooh teddy bear!

Sasha said...

I don't like cleaning the house!
I hadn't seen "The Reluctant Dragon" Cartoon before.