Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Saturday, my family went to a contra dance. We danced for something like eight hours, and as you can see, made a hole through three layers of leather.

And yesterday my feet still hurt. I felt like such a wimp! Now, however, I am refreshed and ready to bounce off walls.

In this fantastic example of our camera's capabilities, perhaps you may be able to see Giles, my brother, and Audrey:

They are the blue blob close to the front and the tallish blob right next to that. I really do not like our camera. For a while, it would only take pictures in shades of blue. Then orange. Now blurry.


Bridget said...

My legs are STILL sore today...=[

Marissa said...

wow! that's crazy!

Anonymous said...

Eight hours! *Choke*
That's an interesting camera, though.