Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Attempts at Opera... sort of.

Sometimes, in video-making (we are too un-serious to call it filming) the mess-ups are a million times more humorous than the actual movie. These attempts were first tries on making a video about elevators. The idea was to for us to be trapped. It wasn't the brightest idea.

Eventually, we abandoned these clips, as they maybe a little too embarrassing, and a little too...unintelligent. Why I am posting these, I wonder? Maybe I need to rethink this. By the way, Lib, please don't kill me for this. (She's the middle girl in the below clip)

Somehow, watching these, all my ambitions to be in The Marriage of Figaro crumble and fade. I don't think I was born to be an opera star.


Hannah said...

I must say, that Elevator movie was one of the funniest home-made movies I have ever seen! You put my brothers and I to shame, our movies don't turn out half so well, especially when they're so on the spot!


Jare and Lib said...

You didn't have to say WHICH one I WAS!!
(She says as she mentally strangles Ophie with a wet noodle)

And that was so funny when the guys came in, have you shown them this yet? (on second thought...don't)

Equus Delirus said...

You should bring your flip thing to church, so we can make another vid. of something other than us guys mugging eachother. :)

Love my new template

Anonymous said...

Okay... so what can I say? *chuckles*