Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fish and Dream Jobs.

Isn't it glorious? O! The thrill that fills my heart as the shimmering fish soars heavenward! And then, how it comes gently to earth, landing securely in the hand of a fish-monger!

That is where I am going to work as soon as I am eighteen. Oh Yeah. I just can't wait to put on a pair of lovely orange overalls and conquer the world one fish at a time! But seriously, folks, wouldn't it be grand to work there? Perhaps for just a summer. I'd love it. Also, I want to be a summer forest fire-fighter, like my dad. What's your dream summer job?

I'll be gone for SIX days! Daddy is taking our family to the beach on Monday. I shall attempt to schedule some posts, but the last time I tried that, I messed it all up. Yup, I've got skills.


Peach said...

Okay- who labeled THIS post!?! Love, P

Anonymous said...

So, hope you have a great time!
And I guess it could be fun. :P
My dream summer work? Harvesting in a vineyard!