Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Living with a whimsical, artistic sister

"Will you go get me a salmonberry leaf?" Bracie asked me one day. I could see she was in the middle of a drawing, so I walked outside, hunted around, plucked a leaf, and brought it to her.

Bracie is the artistic genius of the family. She is an awesome artist. But the "real" person behind her success is moi. Oh yeah. That's right, you heard me. (Just Kidding =D)

A couple of days ago, I walked into the bedroom I share with Bracie. I was immediately confronted by my dear sister: sketchbook in hand, pencil poised.

"Hold still a second. Stand up straighter, will you?" she asked, "Raise your eyebrows blissfully! Tilt your head like-no, no, look that way! Up, higher, higher. Turn towards me a little more. Give me a big smile... WAIT! Clench your jaw! I need to see a pristine, clear jawline. No, keep smiling!"

Contorted into this strange position, I replied, "How in the world do you expect me to smile and clench my jaw at the same time? And what are you drawing?"
"A mermaid!" she responded, " Now stretch your arm out gracefully..."

Yup. That puts me in mind of another mermaid-drawing incident. Lying on my stomach, I sat reading on my bed. Bracie marched into the room, brandishing a scalloped-edged pillow case.
"Ophy, will you do something for me?" Before I could say anything, I found myself with the pillow case on my head. After adjusting it so it looked artistic, Bracie picked up her sketchbook and began to work. "Now, rest your chin in your hands. Straighten your neck..." The drawing was of another mermaid, resting with her tail draped over her head. A scalloped-edged pillow case was as close as she could find for a tail-model.

She doesn't really draw me all the time: I am basically one of these:

Once, Bracie was involved in a sketch of Snow White.We were waiting in the car for Mom to go grocery shopping.
"Will you lean back your seat all the way?"
I obliged.
"Face me. Close your eyes."
Several minutes elapsed.
"Could you please strain the muscles in your neck? And make the veins stick out?"
I was a little surprised. I mean, it's not like the sleeping Snow White was weight-lifting or anything. However, one thing I have gotten to know is that even if an action sounds weird, Bracie makes it look awesome on paper.


Bethany said...

Oh dear you are such a funny writer!! "Blissfully"!!!! I love it! :)

Bekah said...

Hahaha! Bracie sounds like an awesome sister to have around! :)


Calico Zak said...

Falling to the floor laughing!
Sounds like an awesome sister.
How many siblings do you have?

Hanne said...

That's hilarious.
I'm excited to see you at the fair!

Hannah said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your blog-and Grace's! =) You should post some of her pictures sometime...or have her post some! I'd love to see them!

Jare and Lib said...

I love seeing Bracies drawings. She really needs to post about her sketches soon...Really soon.
I think I'll comment on her asking(demanding)her to do just that.

That was an Wonderful post to read Oph, one of the things I looked forward to when I was gone was to come home and read your posts.

miss ya'!

Marian said...

LOL!! How long can you keep these poses? ;D

Anonymous said...

Yay for both of you! Aren't sisters great!

Danzibar said...

I didn't know you and Bracie were sisters! That's awesome...I love discovering new people! Thank you both for visiting my blog. :)