Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tree Climbing, Postal Workers, and Yew.

Today, I took a look at a tree at the top of our driveway and resolved to climb it. I had never been able to, owing to the fact that there are no branches for ten feet up the trunk.
Yet, grappling two limbs that sloped down, I managed to swing my way up to the first layer of branches.
Focusing, straining one arm, I could just reach my fingers up to the next set of limbs. Just then, the white Mail truck came roaring up the driveway. Concentration broken, I took one glance at the Postal Worker, before dropping and landing, er, catlike on the ground with, um, perfect balance.
The truck rolled to a stop in front of me. An imperious Postal Lady stared at me, her face containing the ideal mixture of dignity, shock, and a dash of "For Shame!"

"Do you live here?" She asked suspiciously.
"Why, yes!" I recovered my poise.
"Then I have a package for the residents of this house."
She handed a brown box (containing school curricula for my little siblings) and backed professionally down the drive. As she reached the end, I thought she laughed, but I can't be too certain.

I dumped the box inside, successfully made it to the top of the tree, and then picked some yew berries.
I've only eaten one once because I've heard it said that they are poisonous. But, hey! I am still living.

I couldn't resist squashing a few, considering that they have no other purpose.

They are suprisingly slimy.


Phil Wordy said...

That's pretty cool, the berries I mean, and congratulations on finally climbing that tree despite setbacks.

Bridget said...

Those are very slimey. You look like you have webbed hands. =]

Skyla said...