Monday, September 28, 2009

Bit and Bridle

I flopped on my bed, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn my literature assignment, in hand. After reading into several lines, I became aware of a cold sensation around my ankle. Frigid metal dug into my foot until I was distracted enough to investigate. I reached down and pulled up a bit! An loose ring, jointed, snaffle. In my bed. Weird. The extreme coldness of it has officially reminded me to always warm the bit before I put it in my horse's mouth.

It is cold, but it doesn't smell at all like Autumn, so I feel cheated.

Have any of you ever started a first person-narrated novel without knowing what the main character's name is? That's sort of the dilemma I am in right now. Or write now.

Back to Huckleberry Finn...
"But it warn't no time to be sentimentering."

Or here's why I titled that post, Fog:
"For nothing don't look natural or sound natural in a fog." I think my brain is still foggy. I'd better go study my Euclid or some Dialogues of Plato to clear it.


Jeff said...

Maybe Brett or Chad or Winston or Conrad or Cole or Colby or Carmin or DeVon. Good luck. Jeff

Siminy said...

Have you read Tom Sawyer?

Kendra Logan said...

Heckleberry Finn! I loved that book.