Saturday, September 12, 2009

I have Returned.

Hey. I have returned. I am not "back" because I have looked through all o my posts in which I return to blogging, and they all say "I'm back!!!" with lots o exclamation marks.

However, it is absolutely necessary to maintain a grave demeanor when saying, "I have returned." Not the barest hint of humor can shine through. AT ALL!

When saying "I'm back," you can accompany it with a big cheesy grin and lot o delightful anecdotes about wherever it is you where.

The " " key [you know, the one between E and G] is broken on this keyboard, so I am adopting a Scottish dialect. Sort oph. It is very diphicult to hit it hard enough to type.

On our trip to the beach, we phorgot our camera, as always. So you'll just have to imagine beautiphul pictures oph my phamily looking soulphul on the beach. And we saw a water dinosaur, the loch ness monster, and a selkie, but we just didn't have a camera to take a picture oph it.

I did get several clips oph me trying to do walk-overs and turning cartwheels, but they just aren't... suspensephul or anything. We had a jolly time!!!

And thus, we hath returned.


Calico Zak said...

My Sides hurt from lauphing so much!

~Calico Zak

Jare and Lib said...

Oh good you are back. Now I'll get to see you again before I leave.

See you tomorrow!

Cassie said...

That was so phunny!!! LOL!

I'm glad that you had a great trip!


Kendra Logan said...

I hate it when I forget my camera (or rather, when my sister forgets *her* camera, lol)! Glad you had fun!


Jeff said...

There are 4 keys between EandG on the keyboard.RTDF Which one are you rephurring 2?