Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Names??? Ideas anyone?

So, our family's official first day of school was last Monday. It will be interesting to see if I can quite keep up with my set schedule...

But enough boring stuff. Let us venture into the land discussion of the Written Word, specifically stuff that we write ourselves.

For school, I am writing a story. I am afraid that I have boring all my friends to tears with descriptions of how excited I am to write fiction, that actually counts as school work.
Anyhow... I have a Plot. I have Characters. I have a Setting. I do not have names.

I have two characters, a girl and a guy, that need names. The setting is this day, age, planet, world, and dimension. Check that: I need three. I need a good name for a villain, which ought to be fun.

Ideas anyone? Suggestions?


Turwethiel Merilwen said...

How about Victoria for the girl *wink*, Andrew for the guy, and Daniel Price for the bad guy. Did you want last names, too?


Anonymous said...

Tyler for a guy and Bethany for a girl and Othniel for a bad guy

Marian said...

I love coming up with character names! I'll think about it, and post some suggestions later... :D

Gabrielle said...

Chastity, Arianna, Julie, Daniel, Connor, Austin, Brenton :)

Marian said...

Girl names: Audrey, Jill, Gillian, Rae, Sophie

Boy names: Adrian, Julian, Patrick, Stefan, Rodney

What kind of story is it (fantasy, sci-fi, adventure?)

Ashley said...

I made up the name Fallagon but it sounds more like a name for a sci-fi pegasus.
I like names that start with F's, you could name one Falome! You could do something like Noel (if the girl was born on Christmas).
I just got out my baby name book for more ideas,
Girl: Nadiya (it's Swahili), Nerissa, Sabina, Salome, Sorrel, Zahra, Zinnia, Cassidy, Catalina, Cecilia, Favor.
And the guy, LeVar, Loring, Ian, Jorim, Monterey, Milo ;-D, Monroe, Philo, Orvin, Orlin, Odoric, Fisk, Flavian, Carlin, Camden, Alroy, Alvern, Adriel.

Sorry, I went a little overboard

Peach said...

All villains should be named Tyrone.

Peach said...

Or Victor. And they should be devilishly cunning and criminally handsome. ---p