Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Will tagged me for the thirty things about me tag. While you are reading this, I am making sandcastles and splashing in the ocean. Which is cold. And salty. And I probably have sand in my hand, and bruises all over from falling off my skim board.

1. My horse's bit is on top of my dresser at the moment. How's that for random?

2. I currently have 5 stories started. Because starting them is so easy!

3. Currently, I am attempting to wean myself of the habit of eating the stickers on my apples, which I am accomplishing by eating our own apples.

4. My chicken's name is Nefertiti. We used to have ten, whose names were









And Red.

5. Ferns are my favorite plants

6. I epic-fail at knitting.

7. At the moment, I am reading Sophie's World, which is about a fourteen year old girl with one month before she turns 15. I thought it was an fitting time to read it.

8. I really cannot stand pb&js. Blech.

9. In my book, eating with chopsticks is a delight.

10. Sargeant and Kipper, my two big dogs, have a room bigger than mine. They live in a homestead cabin.

11. I can't remember the last time I brushed my hair. That's kinda sad.

12. In my lifetime, I have ruined about 17 watches.

13. My cat tore the Control "Ctrl" key off of this laptop.

14. I have almost entirely filled my composition notebook!

15. I don't believe in matching socks.

16. I always steal my dad's socks because I never have any that match.

17. My dad's socks don't fit me.

18. My dad is 6'6".

19. The space between my bunk bed and the wall of my bedroom has been called the Depths of Doom for about seven years.

20. I am very good at losing pocket knives. So if you live in WA, and you find a knife lying around, it's probably mine.

21. I love mountain huckleberries.

22. Once, in a fit of extravagence, I paid $3 for a button. *Shakes Head*

23. I have supposedly met the man who invented the thinamajig that connects the pencil to the eraser. His name was Yimmy, and I have no idea if he was telling the truth. =D

24. Last summer, I got to see a Lipizzaner act.

25. Never, ever, ever, will I ever try to make a jelly roll again.

26. I love the rain.

27. If I could go anywhere right now, I'd go to the Library

28. When the Sky is like Lace is one of my favorite picture books.

29. I have discovered that I am much better at typing on a laptop than a regular computer, which is rather sad because regular keyboards have such a nice clacking sound.

30. When I was younger, I set out to look for an arrowhead one day. However, I never found one. Not to be daunted, I found a piece of sedentary rock and used a file to make myself one. I still have it.

I tag... umm... who hasn't done this tag? I tag

Phil Wordy,