Thursday, May 21, 2009


“Better to write for yourself

and have no public,

than to write for the public

and have no self.”Cyril Connolly
(Photo used without permission or authorization on the sole basis that the victim in the picture is holding a pen.)
-Ophelia, the ignoramus who doesn't actually know anything about Cyril Connolly except that he was a English writer.


ivorydancer said...

Awesome...I'll use that some time...

Jare and Lib said...

AUGG! How dare you!!
JK, no really its fine, but I'm surprised that their is a picture of me out there with a pen in my hand.
(Course now that I remember, I had just wrote on your bed and you caught me in the act, with my hands upraised saying, "I didn't do anything" and Bracie says, "than whats with the pen in your hand missy!"
Yes, caught with a red pen, red handed.=)

Anonymous said...

that's...that's deep.