Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Year

As you can see, I am rather scraping the bottom of the barrel for old writing assignments. I wrote this last September, seeing as it is important to preserve our completed work for future generations. However, somehow I doubt that future generations really want to know that I completed American History. Ah Well.

My Summer Schooling, 2008
As it is now September, (who knew time could rush by so quickly?) I take a moment to look at my summer’s scholastic achievements. From July to today, September 4, I have completed precisely 2.5 lessons of algebra, and I highly doubt this will impress my mother. Ah well, smell the roses eh? As for American History, the entire volume of which I was assigned to consume, I read from unit 4, starting with chapter 12, all down to unit 7. Aren’t you proud of me, Mom? (Never mind that Bracie is 4 units ahead…) Of science, I read 3 chapters. All other subjects I blatantly ignored, pretending that they didn’t exist.
However pitifully small that record of my textbook work may look, have no fear; I was not entirely idle; we did take some field trips! Let’s see, we um, went to the zoo; a wonderfully educational experience. More importantly, we drove down to Oregon to attend a fulfilling apologetics course. Also, for five days, Bracie, some dear friends and I helped out at a Vacation Bible School. This can, I’m sure, be manipulated into a school related accomplishment.
I believe that composes my scholastic achievements this summer.
Very truthfully,