Monday, May 11, 2009


I am thinking about holding a Weird is the New Normal picture contest. How insanely awesome would that be, especially because I can't find several of my pictures owing to the recent layout change?

Of course, it's merely an idea, as of yet completely metaphysical. Or would it be figurative? Mental? Ideological?(Am I even spelling that right?) -that can't be right. Ah well.

I infinitely prefer "Ah well" to "Oh well." It is my apprehension that optimists say "Ah", which the sound of rather conveys a note of hang-it-all-and-who-cares-we'll-be-jolly-anyway, whereas "Oh well" seems to drown in woes and remain shrouded in the dark despairs of doom.

But back to the physical, literal, substantial, solid possibilities of a photo contest. How would one go about it? What requirements ought I to inflict upon the gentle readers, presuming I did have a contest? I suppose that somehow I would have contestors post a link to a particular photo bearing the words, "Weird is the New Normal." That is the essential requirement.

So, on my behalf, do post a comment and state your opinion-whether you think this is a good idea.


Equus Delirus said...

Great idea *lookingformycamra*

Anonymous said...

That is a really good idea.

Annie C. Landon said...


~Your Milwaukian Friend

Anonymous said...

I'll send you a pic,


*I'm at the library and I just sneaked on. I'm really bad*
= }

Hanne said...

Sure, I have an idea.
(If mom lets me).

Anonymous said...

**rummages for camera** Sounds like an amazing plan!

Bracie said...

You should set up a gmail account just for this contest so you can publish the address on your blog. then people who don't have blogs can just mail it in!

your mother said...

I think that sounds like a fine idea, provided you place enough parameters around the contest, like making sure everyone sends you "G" rated pictures. Can you make people send them to you to preview?

your mother