Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Perhaps my gentle readers would be so kind as to note the new poll in my sidebar, and would grant me the favor of a vote.
Purely out of the simple curiosity of a human soul, I took it upon myself to discover how many votes Pedro Sanchez of the movie "Napoleon Dynamite" has recieved in political elections. It is a difficult undertaking, for as of yet, no individual has compiled the total votes. Needless to say, I don't think I shall be the first. In my findings, there were numerous accounts of Pedro recieving votes in small elections. In one case, the fictional character recieved 35 out of 849. I think that is impressive for not exsisting.
Pedro proves political dynamite (The headline of an online newspaper)
Many wrote "Vote Pedro" on their November 25 ballot papers in a reference to the
2004 cult comedy film Napoleon Dynamite. In the film the main character runs an
elaborate campaign to have his friend, classmate Pedro Sanchez, elected to the
school council.
Concluding my researches, I am sad to say that I cannot present a large impressive number. Perhaps I could, were I willing spend more minutes of my life wondering how many votes...

Honestly, who even cares?

Most Graciously and Humbly,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for advertising my campaign it is good to know that I have people willing to vote for ME. Signed Pedro