Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Equine Paragons

Mine Equines:

(That's one awful representation of my darling!)

They are really the most lovely horses in the world, though the camera cannot capture them perfectly. All my fellow horsey people do know that horses are un-photogenic. Where's Mark J. Barret when you need him? (And by the way, he completely trumps Bob Langrish)
The orange pony is Maximus, (with the name "Gluteous" in front if I am particularly angered with him.) He is a darling. Annually, we roach his mane and forelock and he sports a spiky hairdo. And he is the world's best, most darling pony.
The blood bay is Chess, and he is a dreamboat. No more need be said.
P.S. I know all you other horsey persons are sitting there, rolling your eyes, and thinking that your babies are prettier, but they aren't. Don't take it too hard. =D


Anonymous said...

I am a horsey person! Have been my whole life...

Lady_Orcawyn said...

I used to be a horsey person...now I just think they're pretty animals that smell really bad.

Hanne said...

Mine WAS prettier... but we don't own her anymore. :(
I have also liked horses since I was two.

Equus Delirus said...
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