Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Third Chronicle in the Adventures of Miss Penelope Faulty

Also known as "Adventures in Logical Fallacies"
The first Chronicle
The Second Chronicle

Penelope: (disdainfully) "You already asked me that question! I do believe you are going round in circles in your arguments."
Inspector: (indigantly) "I'm going round in circles? It is you who is confusing me."
Penelope: (matter-of-fact-ly) "I never take people around in circles. I infinitely prefer squares. With squares, you can corner people's words or back them up against a wall, and that is physically impossible with circles."
Inspector: (snappishly) "What about rectangles? Ha! You can't find a problem with those!"
Penelope: (haughtily)"You underestimate me, Inspector. Anyway, everyone knows that rectanglar gems are the most unattractive cut possible because they are usually emeralds. Peridots are vastly superior to them and besides, are almost always circle cut."

Inspector: (confusadly) "Wait, I thought you didn't care for circles!"

Penelope: (brightly)"You live entirely too much in the past, dear inspector."

Inspector: (Angrily) "Argh!" Lays head down on table for several seconds "Alright, where were we?"

Penelope: (sweetly) "We were speaking of the past."

Inspector: (stiffly) "Ah yes; the past. Where were you on the 23rd, around 7:00 P.M.?"