Monday, November 17, 2008

The Second Episode in the Chronicles of Miss Penelope Faullty

(Note: To read the first episode, click HERE)

Penelope: (delightedly) “Charity died? Who killed the nasty, spiteful little thing? If I knew him I should like to give him a kiss.”
Inspector Winderby: (grimly) “Don’t put on an act when you’ve already let too much slip. And don’t say “him” to me after you told me it was a woman, you most likely, who murdered the girl.”
Penelope: (wonderingly) Me? Me? How could you even suspect me of killing a person? What a low, dirty thing to do. I would never dream of it!”
Inspector Winderby: (dazedly) “But you said- You confessed to have murdered Charity Ellison!” Penelope: (indignantly) “There you go, putting words in my mouth. You ought to be ashamed. Besides, I said I did it, not that I murdered somebody.”
Inspector Winderby: (still dazedly) “But how could you do it without murdering Miss Ellison?”
Penelope: (superiorly) “My dear fellow, are you so ignorant that you have never heard of a class of people called evil hench-people? I’m quite disappointed in you.”
Inspector Winderby: (triumphantly) "Ah! So you hired a man to kill her for you!"
Penelope: (severely) "There you go again, assuming that only men can kill people. Remember, assuming makes-"
Inspector Winderby: (quickly) "Yes, yes. So, did you or did you not kill Miss Ellison?"


Gabby said...

I cant wait for the next one!!

Karen said...

I must say that your grammar studies have paid off, dear, and you have adverbs down swimmingly.

Well done.
Mrs. E