Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Latest to Today Show #2: The Alphabets

Alright, gentle readers, I am going to force, (whoops, I mean treat) you to watch another episode of the Latest to Today Show. So, uh, hang on to your seats.

A couple of things before you watch:

We officially apologize for the instruments: the flat piano and the sharp guitar. Our piano's sound board or whatever, (How would I know the anatomy of a piano?) is split down the middle so it is un-tune-able. Oh, and we named the guitar "Tuneless Tina." Let's just leave it at that.

And I would make apologies for being so weird, but I can never shake the feeling that is presumptuous. Because after all, no matter how strange you are, there's always someone moreso. Besides, we aren't being weird, we are only acting weird. And "weird" is completely relative.

But I still can't believe I'm posting this!


Libby said...

yaaaaah! Alphabets! ALPHABETS!!

It's weirder then I remember it though.

J. can only say "wow" and "what did they do to themselves!"


The Reluctant Dragon said...

Well, it's actually quite amazing what you can do with a bottle of mascara. As well as making yourself look like a freaky rock star, it is also possible to create rather dashing mustaches. If you look carefully, you can see an apple core in the corner.

Adam Slind said...

As hilarious as my wife and I both thought you were, your musical talents are what really blew us away. Great stuff.

The Berean Academy said...

We're STILL laughing!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad, dear, that *my* title of this video is: What Might Have Been. Praise God, in his mercy, this is not you. Whew.

Your mother

Anonymous said...