Saturday, January 10, 2009

An Introduction to my dogs...

I was considering the possibility of an opening sentence like, "Dogs, you just gotta love them," or "Here we see man's best friend," or something else cheesy and cliche like that. However, luckily for you, I have decided against it. Instead, I will start with...

Uhhhhhh, what am I going to start with? Anyway, the dog above is Sergeant displaying his most striking military pose. Here's Kipper. He won't sit still for the camera. As you can see, he's extremely unphotogenic.

These two mutts are especially beloved, but not especially well-trained.To be precise, they can perform two "tricks" between the two of them; Sergeant can sit, and Kipper can come.
Although this is technically an introduction, I am afraid that for rather obvious reasons, (Example: Me: "So Sargent, what do you think of blogging? Serge: "Bark" ...that wouldn't quite make the cut.) I was unable to conduct the interview in accordance with tradition.
Well, there you have it folks: my dogs, if you were interested in knowing. I am not entire certain why I am posting about them, but I know that one of these days a really, really funny story will turn up about them.


Libby said...

BTW, Kipper turned 3 on January 2.

Happy late brithday Kip!
Your Mom(Glorie)says Hi.

-Libby,owner of Kipper's Mom

The Reluctant Dragon said...

Man! I can't believe I forgot that again! I can always remember Sergeant's because it's the same as mine -1 month.