Wednesday, January 7, 2009


If you have ever seen Pixar's A Bug's Life, perhaps you can recall a short clip at the beginning in which an old man plays chess with himself. He alternates from player to player, switching chairs in turn.
In such a way did I play scrabble last night. Why? Because we had finished a family game of scrabble, and though MY enthusiasm was not in the least diminished, the other members were very ready to move on.
I lost. Did you know that I only received 16 points for the word, "sixteen?" On second thought, I guess that's fair.
I won. Did you know that it is possible to get 22 points for the word EGGS?

And I think I am finally going bonkers; solitaire scrabble indeed.


Keilah said...

Hey we can be solitaire scrabble buddies!!

I do that all the time.

See you on Sunday...