Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Horse vs. Chicken

Habitat. The word conotates a natural home, a perfect environment, the right place, a sense of belonging. Today, when I went out to feed the pets, I was unnerved to discover clucking coming from the horses' stalls. We own four chickens, and I found two inside.

Hm. 4-2=2. I trotted over to the chicken coop/run to see if the others were already inside.

I discovered a little more than I bargained for. Trapped in the tiny coop was my beautiful horse! He was caught, held inside by my two evil chickens, who would flap their wings every time he attempted to get out.

Eventually, I got the poor dear out, but the event made me laugh: I found the chickens in the horse stall, and the horse in the chicken coop.

I never would have guessed that in the scenario: horse vs. chicken, chicken would come out on top!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Poor fellow. He's gorgeous, he looks sort of Arab-y. What breed(s) is he?

Anonymous said...

Oh hahah, poor horse!
I love that picture, he's GORGEOUS!!
Is the a thoroughbred?

The Reluctant Dragon said...

Chess is a Quarab!

I love him to death.

Click said...

Ah man! I know it is incredibly lame to use the word 'gorgeous' again, but that is the word that sprung to mind and I can't think of a more appropriate one! A Quarab too... [insert wishful sigh]