Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pizza Pranks #2

As promised...

Tonight, Ophelia (me!) neglected to defrost the chicken need for the night's dinner. (Wait, did I say that was me? heheh.) Consequently, there was no dinner. Therefore, her Mom made an executive decision to order pizza. Can you imagine the reaction?

Bracie, Gabby (who happened to be over) and Ophelia crept to a corner and feverishly began to whisper. Conspiratorial grins snuck over their faces, and Ophelia rubbed her fingers together.

Gabby's eyes gleamed. "Something must be done!"

"Singing!" Bracie hissed.

Ophelia cackled. "We should sing sppspspspspspspsps [insert movie-ish whispers here] and then spspspspspspppsppppspspppstchhhhhh? [etc.]"

"What?" Bracie said, and Ophelia abandoned whispering and switched to giggling.

"We should sing Time to Say Goodbye!!!" Ophelia said.

Bracie countered her. "No! We should sing When You Say You Love Me!"

Gabrielle asked, "But what if it's a pizza delivery girl?

Bracie shot her a withering look. "Then we sing Happy Birthday."

"I am all for singing When You Say You Love Me- as long as we make it obvious that we are singing to the pizza."

When the eagerly anticipated knock came, we crowded around the door. After commencing such details, as... paying... we burst into operatic song. Our voices rose, melodious (well, more or less,) and enthusiastic (to say the least.)
The look on his face? Priceless. As he walked away, rather quickly (for some odd reason), we switched songs.

Time toooooooooo say goooooooodbye!!!!


Evergreena said...

That is hilarious! I wish I could have seen it!

Victoria Rose said...

OMG!!! That is priceless! What wouldn't I give to meet you guys? ROTFL!!! I wish I could have been there. :P If only I lived nearby.


Marian said...

Next time, you must film this, if possible... XD Time to Say Goodbye is perfect!!

Gabby said...

That was soooooo much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

*falls over laughing*
You girls are waaaay braver than I am, I wouldn't have the guts XD
Film next time!! that would be HILARIOUS!!

Rachel Pettersen said...

That is absolutely priceless. And I second that, you guys are so much braver than I. I could never do that!! But it makes me smile!!!

Argentia said...

That's hilarious! *laughs until she starts crying* I found your blog through Bracie's link. I probably wouldn't be brave enough to do that, but then again...it sounds really fun!!!

Click said...

So, so funny. I, also, sad to admit, would not have the guts to do that - but boy, I definitely enjoyed reading about it! What a laugh.