Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ophelia Pretends to be a Ghostly Spectre

I fairly certain "Ghostly Spectre" is an oxymoron, but I am calling it a literary technique.

Anyhow, these pictures are solid proof that I have learned to make lemonade when life hands me a lemon. The specific lemon is my camera's incapability of taking a picture less than 3 seconds after I push the button. So one day, having been infected with a spirit of optimism, I got out the camera and, finding it near impossible to take a good picture, decided to take some silly ones.
This is me dissolving into flame like a comic book character. Oops, I just gave away my secret identity. Ah well.
Further along in stages of turning into a firebrand.

Here I am as a ghostly spectre.
Here I am in the act of immaterializing, which is a very tricky business to catch on camera.

I think I bear a resemblance to the evil queen's mirror in Snow White. I like how my head is floating off my shoulders, but I think that my blue shirt rather draws from the effect.

And I can't exactly recall what I was thinking at the moment this photo was snapped.

There you have it, folks: Ophelia actually, voluntarily taking pictures of herself! Never mind that she's pretending to be a ghostly spectre or that her head appears to floating above her neck...


Annie C. Landon said...

Hey!! Cool stuff!! Ha ha!!
HEY!! A TP shirt!!! WHOOHOO!!!!
GO TeenPact!!!!!!!!

Jare and Lib said...

hahaha! great job on those.
I like the last one and the one that "immaterializing" the best.

Thats how Kei got her picture of herself, with the 3 sec. thing.

miss ya

Hanne said...

That's cool!!

Hanne said...

I've done pics like that before.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I know for sure that you're completely weird. That's fine though because weird is the new normal.

Keilah said...

Hey Soph,

A question from the camera nerd: Are you shooting on Manual (M) or Auto (A or little green box)?


Anonymous said...

HA! that's hilarious. love it!!!!!!!!! XD

ivorydancer said...

Most wonderful

Lexi Williams said...

Haha. I took some pics of myself just like this once!