Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Polls and Life Aspirations

Here are the results to my previous poll.
Pork Rinds =D 6 (9%)
Potato chips 13 (21%)
Tortilla chips 1 (1%)
Cheese curls 6 (9%)
Carrot Sticks 4 (6%)
Grass 5 (8%)
Apples 26 (42%)
I was feeling on top of the world, but 61 votes seems a little outrageous, so I suspect someone had the assistance of some library computers. Perhaps I merely am of a suspicious nature, and thus cut out to begin a sparkling career as a detective. Hmmmm...
I think not. I am going to be a fish monger and toss fish through the air if PETA doesn't get there first. Apparently throwing fish is a "Glorification of Marine Animal Cruelty." I guess I never thought that it would bother a dead fish to be tossed through the air.

NEWSFLASH: Bracie and I are victims of this current depression! Our small Alpaca Pasture maintaining job is now terminated, ended because our employers sold all of their Alpacas. *Sniff* Back to babysitting.


Annie C. Landon (Corissa T.) said...

::laughs:: Ophi, you're great!!

Hanne said...

You never said we can't cook the frog legs;)

Equus Delirus said...

How rude! I wonder who could have done that???