Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ode to Speech and Debate

Sing to the tune of "Favorite things" from The Sound of Music with some friends in front of several hundred people for the best effect.

Red clicker pens on a bright yellow flow pad,
Evidence twisted so it won't sound too bad,
I find my sanity's only so-so,
Community judges: Oh won't you please flow?
When the snow blows,
When the neg. pwns,
When my nylons run
I simply remember the rest of these things,
Thank goodness the round is done!
My Extemp. speech,
Didn't say much,
Judges thought it dull
The left one kept snoring-he thought it too boring,
To stay awake through the whole.
I must admit that my throat's raw from screaming,
But to be honest my D.I. is creaming,
I scare the judges each time I go in,
And while they're crying they give me the win!
7 speeches,
And debate too,
How will I get through?
Will someone please tell me what pernicious means?
I'm up in Impromptu!

FYI for non-NCFCA-ers:
Flow: Following the debate on paper
Neg: Negative =D
Pwn: Complete domination in a debate round
Extemp: Extemporaneous
DI: Dramatic Interpretation


Anonymous said...

Oh, you are funny. How did you think of that? I didn't get it at first when I tried singing it.