Friday, April 3, 2009

Family Photo Shoot

Here are a bunch of pictures of a bunch of people you probably don't know.

What more can I say besides "Weird is the New Normal?"

(With honorary cousin Gabby and real cousin Audrey) So, yes, I am related to two of them!


Anonymous said...

ChArming! :)
I took pictures like that with some of my friends a while back, doing absolutely RIDICULOUS faces! =D

Jare and Lib said...

You're BACK!!

*dancing a jig*

Hi, hi, hi!

I love those kind of pics.


The Reluctant Dragon said...

With the general mood of hilarity, it was suprisingly dificult to coordinate their facial expressions! As soon as two girls would make the right face, the other one would burst out laughing!

Jare and Lib said...

I know how that is!