Thursday, April 9, 2009

Joyeux Anniversaire Bracie!

Happy Birthday to the World's Best Sister! I could never ask for a better sister, and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to find one. We have had so many jolly romps together, gotten in so much mischief together, and gone on so many adventures.
The word "belated" is very, very handy, especially if you are moi. Why? Because this is Bracie's birthday post, and I can think of no more fitting adjective than "belated."
This is a wonderful occasion to be reminded of just how awesome Bracie is.
By the way, if you went to the trouble of counting the candles in the picture, I may candidly tell you that she is not turning 7.

In fact, she turned...




die Sechzehn



Sixteen used to be an awfully big number, but I have to say Bracie is settling into sixteen just splendidly.

For her birthday, we went to Pike Place market where we encountered some very strange bathrooms, listened to street musicians, drank coffee, watch fish sail through the air, asked for job applications at said fish stand, tried on prom dresses under the disapproving eye of the clerk, bough tulips and the very strangest, were told by an eccentric gentlemen that if bought his rings, Mom would pay and it would be very easy to catch a boyfriend. (I am sensing we had some differing priorities.)

After Pike Place, we headed to the Seattle Goodwill where we assiduously search for the store's ugliest article of clothing. I declare myself the winner; I found a dress which closely resembled that of a clown's. Its bright pattern consisted of gigantic tomatoes and sliced lemons! The floor length garment also sported a white collar in the style of Sir Walter Raleigh. It wasn't even found in the costume section!

However, hats are off to Bracie, who managed to unearth the most hideous piece of jewelry, without even intending to! First, let me establish that I, 99.3% of the time, agree with her sense of fashion, but this case was unique. This instance started out in the checkout isle. Exhausted, I stood waiting as the cashier slid item after item into bags. Hearing a gasp of rapture and delight, I turned to behold Bracie triumphantly displaying a necklace of putrid brown beads. Even now I cannot describe them. They were simply awful. I tried to break this fact to Bracie gently.

"That is one ugly necklace," I said.

Bracie looked at me. "You don't think they're pretty?"

I shook my head fiercely.

After receiving disparaging remarks from her friend, Bracie turned to her mother, usually her staunchest supporter.

"Do you think they're pretty?"

Mom looked at Bracie and spoke two syllables. "Uh, No." She then, on impulse, took the beads and held them up to the cashier. "Do YOU think they are pretty?"

His answer was quick and sure: "Uh, NO!"

In the end, Bracie didn't purchase the necklace. But she received many lovely presents and we had a jolly time.

It was delightful.
So, here's to many more splendid years for the World's Best Sister!


Anonymous said...

Hanne and I were trying to remember if you were turning 16 or 17.

Are you driving yet?

Jare and Lib said...

Happy Birthday Bracie! I know I've said this already... but your such a cool friend=)

Funny Note: So you know how my dads birthday is the same as Bracies, well we had the same pie as you!

Happy Passover!
Marry Passover
Remember our Lord and Jesus forever and ever, Amen!!


Keilah said...

But Sophia dear, there are 8 candles on the "cake".


Anonymous said...

We simply mentally muliplied the candles by 2. It takes too long to light 16 candles...we realllllly wanted to dig into that pie quickly!

the mother

Karen said...

I love Gabs' look...she's mentally blowing out the candles, too! Kinda like when we open our mouth when we're feeding a baby!

Happy belated birthday, Bracie.

Libby - let's pull out your ol' spelling book one of these days, shall we? Just for fun! :-D

Keilah said...

Oh my goodness! That IS the same pie that we had on my dads birthday (which is the same as Bracie's!)!

How weird is THAT!!

Great catch, Lib!


Gabby said...

Well I hat my face in the pic up there but thats ok. ;D That was sooo much fun I loved that I could come!