Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poll Results

The posting are up! Wait, I mean the poll results are up. (I'm still in speech tournament mode.)
Are polls...
Stupid? 1 vote
Maddening? 2 votes
Jolly? 10 votes
Thrilling? 7 votes
Whatsa poll? 3 votes
From these statistics, we can derive that I had there actually are some poll loving masses because the majority of gentle readers say that poll are jolly or thrilling.
If you voted 'stupid' or 'maddening' I am going to assume that you were joking for I stand resolved that if you really felt that way, you wouldn't of voted at all. (If that makes any sense.)
Now I am going to dream up an idea for my next poll.


Gabby said...

Think of a good poll! Well wait all your polls are good, never mind. Hope you think of one! There thats better.