Friday, February 27, 2009


Here we see a fish:
Let us pause for a moment marvel at the beauty of these amazing creatures.

Then again maybe not. Let's focus on the lessons we can learn from fish. Like not judging appearances. Perhaps this fellow in the above picture really possesses a heart of gold underneath his rough exterior. Somehow I am recieving the distinct impression that 'rough' is an understatement.First of all, vertical stripes are slimming. (Fashion isn't my forte)

#2. You're never fully dressed without a smile.

#3. Always keep an eye out for others, unless you don't have any: Eyes, that is, not others.
#4. Don't get prickly or be easily offended.
#5. Don't worry about feeling like a wall flower; everybody has days like that.


Gabby said...

what funny pics. Im really sick right now to. Boy do i hate being sick

Bracie said...

Me too, Gab. The second fish is reeeeeealy ugly. And I'm an animal lover.

Bracie said...

PS: really like your new avatar photo.