Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Go outside and play, don't stop and look at my blog.

Something I find an enormous, repeated contradiction is when people post: "What a beautiful day! The sun is so glorious outside!" while they are shut up in their houses on the computer.
But now I'm doing it. As well as "Easy to say, not to do" there should be an expression that runs, "Easy to say not to, easy to do."
What am I doing? I'm going to go out and climb another tree or ride my horses or something. You should too.
Actually, I was just out there, climbing a tree. That's what these pictures are from! Here's a really weird picture of me:

Here's the view looking down:
Here's another picture of the sun:
Check out that sunlight!
Wait, I think that's my thumb. I'll never be a photographer.


Libby said...

I love that tree of yours.
I spent the day outside, So now I have scratched up lags and unknown stuff in my hair. AH life is good =)

Oph, I think that new sidebar thingy is awesome, 'Weird is the new normal'. Hehehe, great face.

Ashley said...

I walked around our loop TWICE (2+ mi.)today!!!

The Reluctant Dragon said...

I applaud you both!