Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bmy gendtle readers, I bmust thang you bery buch for bearing with bme. I amb fully aware thadt I haven'dt bposted anythig ladely. The facgt is, I amb nodt exagly feeling adt the topb ob bmy gameb. Sombday soon I shall breakg indo a streekg ob insbiration and bpost evbery day.
Undil thend,
I remaing,
P.S. In Blogger's terms of agreement, there is no "in sickness or in health clause," so I am allowing myself to take some days off of blogging without feeling quilty. Not that I have been posting faithfully anyway. Ah well.
On second thought, forget "Ah Well." I use that phrase far to much, and it conveys a rather Bertie Woosterish feel: a character which I appreciate, but shall not choose to imitate.