Sunday, February 8, 2009

An Introduction to Audrey

This is my dear cousin Audrey. She is as awesome as they come.

I regret to say that I have no Really Boring Interview to present to you like I normally do on my introductions. But that is fine because after all, they are really boring interviews, and as is apparent, Audrey isn't a boring person.
Her fashion sense is unique. Or maybe she just loves costumes.

Here is Audrey discovering her inner mouse. (But Audrey really is an adventuring person.) Oh, and she also collects those estimable objects that are the mark of a country bumpkin.

This is her dog, Chrissy, who accompanies us on almost all of our adventures. Chrissy has newly discovered her talent in soccer. Audrey hates soccer with a fiery passion burning deep in her heart, except when Chrissy is playing.
Audrey could dance all night, if an opportunity lent itself.

To quote the venerable Boynton, "Turn with the cow in a patch in a patch of clover, All take a bow and [this post] is over.


Libby said...

Hi Audrey!! =)

I so Love her style